Monday, February 22, 2010

Photos to record the event

If you are a scrapbooker, you probably already do this....take photos to record the event. Identifying signs at a location, the weather of the day, details like the type of money in a foreign country, food from the trip, etc. If you aren't a scrapbooker, you might not think about photographing these things.
I woke up one day in Belgium to a pouring rain. It was Saturday, so it was market day and I took these photos from my bedroom window. The trailer below was one of the vendors and I love the reflection in the wet street. Reflections can be found in other places besides windows, like wet streets, still water, mirrors, shiny metal, etc. I will have examples of more of these later.
Below is a Belgium waffle. I had heard of these all my life, but this was my first one in Belgium! I got some great shots of food on the Alaska cruise and even the reindeer hot dog I ate. You probably remember my huge bag of kettle corn from Anchorage I shared with you when I began my Weight Watchers journey. These are all details that you think you will remember, but without a photo, the details will fade.
Below is a shot of the rain that was with us ALL WEEK LONG the week of my nephew's wedding last May. It is not all that great of a shot (though I do like how you can see the individual raindrops....control that by the speed your camera is set on...more on that later - it is "TV" on a Canon control) but it just is a memory. It affected where we took the portraits....definitely one of the gloomiest weeks I have experienced. This photo reminds me of this!
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love the raindrops!!!!