Sunday, February 21, 2010

Framing and Reflections

Arches are a great way to frame a photo and repetition is a great way to show depth. On the photo below, the people are framed by the arches and the repetition shows the length of the opening. If the shot had been taken straight on, so you only saw the first arch, it would not have been near as interesting shot. Sometimes the best tool you can have in photography is your legs....walk around to get the best shot! Don't just stand in the first place where you arrive! Also, don't be afraid to turn your camera on it's side and take a portrait (vertical) shot. Sometimes the best shot comes from laying on the ground....the hard part for me on that is getting UP!
Another thing I LOVE are windows. The one below has panes that act as a frame for the objects in the store window and glass that provides a reflection that shows the surroundings.
There are also often interesting things around windows like the wrought iron below. Other favorites of mine are window boxes, latches, lace curtains, shutters, etc.
These again are shots you can take with any camera. It is just a matter of training your "eye".
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Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the reminder to look for everyday framing opps...great pics Holly!
Jan Castle

Amy Johnson said...

I just read both your posts about framing, I was humored by your pics in both posts because they looked EXACTLY like mine! I just was in Florence in November and took pics of the same spots and in the same way. How ironic! LOL! The only difference was your pics have a lot of light because the sun was shining brightly. My florence pics are dark because it was always cloudy and raining.