Monday, February 22, 2010

Saying goodbye to a fun and creative lady!

I know many stampers have heard of Old Town Crafts and the convention Paula put on, The Creative Palette. I taught both at the shop and at the convention several times. As the sign says in the window above, Paula and Frank retired in 2006 from owning the stamp store. The bubbles were her "Georgia Snow".

Paula passed away on Sunday after suffering a brain aneurysm at her job in Folkston, GA on Thursday. She was a most interesting person, always ready to do a demo with that comforting humming she would do as she shared a new technique. Her shop was not one that you could run into for a planned to stay for a long visit!

Her spiked hair could be the color of whatever jar of lumiere paint was near to her. I remember her telling the story of leaking the news that John Kennedy had been married on Cumberland Island to the media.

The convention she hosted was always a great one and I loved her shop......we miss you Paula!
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Anonymous said...

thank you Holly for sharing this tragic news. those of us in GA have always considered Old Town Crafts to be OUR stamp store and a can't miss stop on our way south.

Carol V said...

Holly, I was just trying to look Paula up on line and all I could find out was that she passed away. Until reading your post, I had no idea. Thanks for such a tribute to a Wonderful Woman.