Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christ Church Interior

There are several beautiful windows inside Christ Church. The window above was made by Mayer & Company in Munich, Germany in 1899.
The interior of the building is made of heart pine.
The window above is attributed to Tiffany, depicting the good wife providing for her household and receiving the praise of her familyl
The smaller pews shown above were made by plantation slaves for the original 1820 building. There was one pew for each plantation on the island.
Hope you enjoyed this little history lesson and the photos of this beautiful church building.
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Anonymous said...

What character!

How big is the building? It looks a little crowded from these pictures.

Becky said...

So beautiful, Holly...enjoyed the history lesson, too!

Jan Castle said...

Looks to be a small church...what a delight it must be to sit in church and be surrounded by such beauty. Thanks for sharing.