Friday, February 5, 2010


I have many different favorite flowers, depending on which season you ask me, but for Jan/Feb my top pick has to be the Camellia. They come in so many varieties and bloom so profusely! Even their leaves are pretty to me. There are a lot of camellias that grow in the Atlanta area and there isn't a shrub that is much more southern to me than a Camellia growing in an old cemetery with spanish moss hanging from the limbs. Magnolia trees are also very southern to me, but they don't bloom until summer.

I took these photos in the cemetery at Christ Church on St. Simons Island. I grew up just south of here in Jacksonville, FL so I love the towns and barrier islands along south Georgia and North Florida. I commented to my sister that we never visited these islands when I was growing up, but I am glad I am able to come as an adult!
Some of the camellias are just so soft and simple like the ones in the first two photos while others really put on a show like the following two.

I am currently working on coloring a set of letters of the alphabet, each having a flower that begins with that letter (from Serendipity Stamps) and the flower for the letter "C" is Camilla.

More to come from Christ Church!
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Peggy Maier said...

Oh, so beautiful!

Lisa said...
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Jan Castle said...

God's art work is stunning!!! And, the photographer 'ain't bad' either! LOL! Wonderful would be my word of the day for you!

Creative Potential said...

Nature's perfect it!