Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Winter Wedding

Well, you might know that I love weddings. Of course, sometimes when I get right in the middle of one and am so tired, I have second thoughts! Our minister's daughter was married on Saturday and I did the flowers, the photography, designed the papercrafting and did some of the decorating. Joyce, my photography buddy, also helped me photograph the wedding. I have done small weddings for years, mostly for friends and family, but some for payment. As our toys get more and more expensive, however, we are considering going into the business! I have decided that other than when my sister's daughter gets married, I am only for hire from now on! It is just too much work! No one sees the hours and hours of editing there is to do at home!

We had snow on Thursday night, so that was appropriate for a winter wedding! Her colors were a blue, brown and champagne, along with the white of her dress.
Whitney has a little nose piercing and so before I had her mother go up on the stage for photos, I put a stick on rhinestone on her mother's nose....it was too funny!
I also did her portraits, so I will share some of those with you also and some stills. Some of you might have weddings coming up this year.
Joyce and I are thinking about going up to the mountains this week to get some shots of the waterfalls which we think will be frozen. If I don't fall and kill myself, I hope to get some good shots there!
Stay warm!
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Peggy Maier said...

Beautiful wedding... but you're right, too much work! I think you have the right idea to go in to the business. You do such a great job!

nise said...

Absolutely DO NOT fall and kill yourself. The wedding was lovely and you are most obviously worth being paid for your talents. Best of luck sticking to your guns about that!