Friday, January 8, 2010

It's a small world!

I mentioned last week how we saw the couple that we gave the map to on Christmas Day as we went on with our trip, detouring the Smokies. It always makes me think when I do notice details like that, how many times do things like that happen and we just don't notice. I know some people notice very little, while I am very observant to details and people. I often see people I know from the past and they just look past me like they have never met me before.
A similar thing happened when we were in a show at Dollywood. While in Alaska, we went to a dinner theatre at the Denali Princess Lodge that told the story of the Denali (Mt. McKinley) summit first being reached. The actors and actresses actually served our food, family style. I was the one in charge at our table for asking for more food. When the actress asked me my name and I told her Holly, she leaned over and whispered, "My real name is Holly also!". She is the one on the left in the photo above. The next day, I saw her in street clothes on one of the shuttle buses.
Well, I noticed a girl in one of the Christmas shows at Dollywood and I told my husband, I think that is the actress I saw in Alaska. I told him her name is Holly. Sure enough, when the introductions were given at the end of the show, it was Holly! Such a funny thing to see her in two places in the same year and even more unusual is that I recognized her. Any of you have that nagging feeling when you see someone you know you have seen before?
So, after the show, I asked someone still on stage if they would ask Holly to come out for a minute. She was so surprised when I told her I had seen her in Alaska. She said now she will go to New York and look for another job....I said maybe I will come find you there! (and you know I would!!) I think she got a kick out of having a "fan'.
We really enjoyed the shows at Dollywood. Some of the sets and costumes were so pretty.
Just this past Sunday while sitting at a restaurant, I noticed the couple next to us and remembered them visiting the church that we attend when at the cabin, so I said something to them. Of course, they would never have recognized me, but did remember me once I said something. Guess it is just one of those mysteries of life how often things like this happen and we never know. My husband says that I remember coming down the birth canal, so maybe that is why I notice more than the average person. Anyone else weird like me? LOL!
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Mary said...

You are observant...I wish I were more that way. My daughter has that eye. She's a professional photographer. I think maybe both of you share that same eye and you both are excellent photographers! I loved your story! Thanks for sharing it.

Jan Castle said...

You are soooo funny! I remember people's voices and sometimes faces, but forget the names - that's usually a unuseable combination! I have a few other quirkie rememberances - like what we ate at a particular restaurant months before - drives my husband bananas. Now if I could only remember where I put......!!!!!
Thanks for the chuckle!

nise said...

Oh, Holly! I am pretty good with names and faces, although as I a-g-e, it's not quite as sharp as it once was. Also, at my last job I never met the customers hardly ever, so they were a voice on the phone and I got pretty good at knowing who was calling. My late husband, who loved Charles Kuralt, was always reminding me to "be aware of your surroundings". He wanted me to pay attention so I was always safe if he wasn't there to look out for me. Keep your eyes open and finding fun stuff to share with YOUR fans!!