Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christ Church, St. Simons Island, GA

Right off the coast of southern Georgia, near Brunswick, is an island named St. Simons Island. I grew up south of there, in Jacksonville, Florida. Anyway, it is a beautiful island with great resorts, lots of history and this beautiful church. Jan Castle sent me a beautiful photo of a church building in Oregon, where she lives and I asked her if she had been to this one. Eugenia Price wrote about this area in her novels and several of the people in her books are buried at this cemetery.
I love the southeastern coast with the bent trees and I always enjoy the camellias. Another island that is very interesting is Cumberland Island, off the coast from St. Marys, GA. John Kennedy was married in an old church building there. You might have seen the photos of him and his beautiful bride coming out of the old little church building. I have visited Cumberland Island, but did not go to the end where the church building was located. I did visit the ruins of the old mansion that was located there.
Below is a stained glass depiction of Christ Church from the resort, the King and the Prince. My husband has a meeting there every year the last weekend of January. I usually go with him, but unfortunately, last year and this year, CHA creates a conflict for me and I don't get to go to St. Simons Island.
Oh, well, guess you can't go everywhere!! .....but it doesn't stop me from trying!
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Joan said...

Beautiful photos! So peaceful looking. I grew up in Oregon so loved the photo of the church there. Thanks for the mini-vacation!

Peggy Maier said...

How lovely! Would definitely like to visit these places!