Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Country Church Buildings

On Christmas Day, my husband and I left the cabin and drove to Pigeon Forge. Going through the Smokies, it is only 88 miles from the cabin, straight up 441. Unfortunately, there had been rain and strong winds and when we reached the national park, it was closed! Seems there were many trees down and we had to figure out another way to go or sit and wait. We did wait for an hour and during that time, I did some exploring. You could see the church building above from the road and I went to check it out. I love old church buildings. I would never have noticed it had we gone right past. We had to detour by way of Robbinsville and Fontana Dam (where Fugitive was filmed). It was area I had not traveled before and I decided Joyce and I would have to go back that way and also catch Cades Cove.

A young couple was waiting, and they were trying to make their way to Chicago. I gave them our Tennessee map and told them the direction to go, which eventually became the way we went. We actually passed them when they were walking their dogs an hour or so later. So many times things like that happen and we don't even notice.
Windows make great frames, don't you think?
This was the church building at Dollywood. It was named after the doctor that delivered Dolly when she was a baby.
I am doing the flowers and photography for a wedding this week. Joyce and I are playing tag team on the photography, so I am looking forward to having help! It is supposed to be really cold and maybe even snow this week, so hopefully, there won't be problems with the wedding! I will be spending a lot of time in a church building though!
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Peggy Maier said...

LOVE the old church buildings! Glad you had time to take & then share them! Hope you have fun at the wedding & get lots of great shots! (By the way... what county in TN? My grand & great-grandparents were from Fentress County)

Holly's Hobbies said...

Where is Fentress County? I was born in Crossville, TN and went to college in Henderson, TN. The church building in the first photo was actually in NC. Half of the Smokies Park is in Tenn and half in NC. Dolly lived in Sevier County.

nise said...

Love the pictures and thank you for sharing your travels with us. There's a sense of peace when I stop by and "follow" you.

Jan Castle said...

Wonderful pics! The window is lovely and soooo 'thought provoking'. Old churches have so much personality...love to photograph them too...guess there isn't much we don't like to photograph..LOL!

ASHA said...

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