Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two year olds and iPhones!

The flower girl from the recent wedding is in my Sunday School class and she loves to play with my iPhone. It began with me entertaining her with the ringtones that sound like animals....then it became "I want to listen to the animals"....then she started taking photos with my phone and now she checks out my apps! I told her to stay away from the garbage can as Oscar the Grouch lives there as I just know she is going to start deleting my stuff! You wouldn't believe how she can manuever on that thing! I figure if a two year old can do it, anyone can do it!
Instead of rose petals she dropped snowflakes (Spellbinders die!). She was so excited when she got up Friday morning and saw that it had snowed for Whitney's wedding.
If you think she is a cutie, look at her little brother....doesn't he look like a little doll....literally?!
The photo of the flower girl singing (snowflake girl....or princess as she prefers!) reminds me of this photo of me singing. It is funny that she has always reminded me of my neice when she was little and everyone says my niece looks like me when I was little. Anyway, I think I am going to have to figure out how to wean her from the iPhone as she is a little too adventuresome and I am afraid she is going to delete stuff I need!

Speaking of stuff, I am having problems with my desktop pc being so s l o w ! I deleted the 10,000 emails I had on there and decided to back up on Carbonite. I have over 53,000 files to back many photos! a day, it has made it through 6,000 of them! I had an external backup but they decided to steal that when they broke into my house. Anyone else use Carbonite?

Any suggestions on breaking the two year old of my phone other than cold turkey? She NEVER forgets the phone when she sees me!
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