Friday, January 22, 2010

Roads less traveled

The man that was able to go behind Dry Falls was nice enough to tell us about another waterfall to go to another day and also an old iron bridge over the Chatuga River, which forms the boundary for SC and GA. I am always game to go out looking for new adventures, so that we did. We were treated to a beautiful sunset from a mountain road that we drove on for over an hour and never saw another car! Joyce assured me that we had plenty of gas, as that is one thing I am very careful about....don't want to get stuck on those desolate roads with no gas and no cell service!
The Chatuga was beautiful but the bridge was a little dissapointing. The man referenced some controversy regarding boaters in this area, but I had not heard about that. I would not want to be in a kayak on this river!!

We say numerous pieces of rock covered with ice as shown above. On our way back to the cold and dark cabin that we will find out has no water. We warmed some soup, downloaded the photos from the day on my laptop and then off to bed! More adventures tomorrow!
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CelticWoman said...

what a serendipitous side trip, that sunset is fantastic, but the water is magical. Sandi

nise said...

I'm shivering at your water pictures. Sorry it wasn't flowing at all during your adventure. The bridge was ok, but that sunset was fantastic. Thanks for dragging me along again.

Jan Castle said...

The sunset and stream pictures are well worth your trip-forge the bridge...2 out of 3 is are on a roll!!!

Jason said...

you know verizon has a map for that problem with the cell service.