Friday, January 22, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls, #2

(This post was meant to go up next week in order, so no, I haven't lost my mind. I will actually be in California at CHA on January 22, so sorry for the incorrect date and number 2 when you haven't seen will come.)

I have more shots I took at Bridal Veil Falls to share. Above, I am standing behind the falls, under the rock ledge. Those pieces of ice you see are huge.
I have finally been able to invest in some good lens, these taken with my new macro lens from Canon. The patterns in ice have always been interesting to me. I once did a report in college on how advertisers would put subliminal messages in the ice on alcohol print ads. No messages in this ice other than it had been very cold!

A huge ice crater was formed under the waterfalls. You can see how large it is in comparison to my shadow. Joyce said it reminded her of a scene in Batman.
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CelticWoman said...

magical, Sandi

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I can't wait to see the next batch!

Jan Castle said...

You ARE an wonderful photographer!!!

Joyce said...

Holly, it's Superman not Batman, I'm "old school". Superman went to visit his dad, if I remember correctly, and he lived in an ice cave. Someone correct my memory.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos!!!! And your is very inspiring...What kind of canon camera do you have?