Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls

Dry Falls is the one you can walk behind and Bridal Veil is the one you can drive behind.....usually! In warmer weather, it is just a trickle coming down with it's claim to fame being that you can see it from the highway. It is named bridal veil as the small amount of water that usually is falling looks delicate and lacy like a bride's veil.
As you can see from the wide angle shot above, there was a lot of ice coming down. It was a warm day on last Thursday compared to what the temperature had been in the area, so the ice was melting. Big pieces of ice were falling off, reminding me of the calving of the glaciers in Alaska. I borrowed Joyce's wide angle lens....something I would like to buy before the trip out west. They are great for the inside of church buildings during a wedding also.
The shot above of a couple from Jacksonville, Florida, shows you how huge these hunks of ice are.....Joyce took photos of me with my iPhone under that ice and I commented that if it fell, it would kill me.
Looking up, the ice looked like the photo above. As they say in The Christmas Story, "those icicles have been know to kill people!".
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