Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mud Creek Falls, Sky Valley, GA

One of mine and Joyce's favorite waterfalls is off the beaten path back behind the community of Sky Valley, GA. We think it is much too pretty to be named after "Mud Creek", but they didn't ask us! There was plenty of snow and ice on this waterfall as there was on the NC ones off Highway 64.
Most of the falls was in shadow, so it was a challenge to photograph it and get the very top, which had sunlight on it. Above, you can see a star formed by the sun coming up over one of the trails of ice that feeds into the stream.
Joyce was smart and brought her knee pad to sit on (sitting on the rock) and her gloves with the cut off fingers. I, however, had a wet and cold bottom and cold fingers!
One of the things we like about these falls besides it's beauty is that you can park right beside it and you are there. The parking lot and walk down, however, was covered in ice as you can see in the photo above. We had to climb over the rocks that are on the left.
Well, that concludes my tour of the frozen waterfalls we visited. I am now at CHA and hope to bring home some photos to share with you. I am only going to the consumer show portion (not the trade show), so if you are there, come to the EKSuccess booth and to the make and take! Also check out the Genesis trimmer as Bonnie's Best Art Tools will be there and you can try one in person!
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Peggy Maier said...

You're right - not a very pretty name for a waterfall that beautiful! Thanks for the tour - I've loved seeing every one of them! Have a blessed day!

Jan Castle said...

Makes me cold just to think about being out there - but that's the price you pay to take those fabu pics! Have a great time at the show...someday I hope to go to one. Also, someday I would love to get a lighted Genesis...sigh!