Monday, January 25, 2010

Stormy trip, coming and going - CHA

Last Thursday, I flew out to Anaheim, California to work for EK Success Brands at the CHA Supershow. California was having a lot of rain and on the plane, we had turbulence leaving Atlanta (where it was also raining) and in California where they had actually quit flying out of Orange County/John Wayne airport and LAX. I thought it was the roughest ride I had ever been on until I had an even rougher one one the way home! Evidently, that storm worked it's way across the country while I was there, spawning tornados in California and Huntsville, AL (where my son, Jason, lives) and then preventing us from landing in Atlanta. We were put in a holding pattern, flying in circles over the Alabama/Georgia stateline and then flew back to Memphis to refuel.
I had left the hotel at six in the morning, caught my flight which was supposed to get me to Atlanta at four (in time to make it to evening service at church) and finally landed in Atlanta at 7:45. Then there were long delays on getting baggage due to the weather. I finally saw my bag on a carousel two down from where it was supposed to be almost two hours after landing! So, finally at 9:30 last night, I was able to leave the airport! Luckily, I had an aisle seat, a nice man sitting next to me and a sandwich from Starbucks! (bottle of water, yogurt parfait and a sandwich=$19.98 ridiculous!)
Anyway, here are some scenes from CHA which is in full swing now with the trade show going from Sunday to Wednesday. I walked around the floor some during set up as I had a badge for both shows, but I really wasn't sad to leave. I made new friends and was happy to meet other members of the EK Success Creative Artist Team.
There had been so much rain (as much as eight inches in a day) that there were sandbags by entrances to keep the water out. The snow on the mountains looked beautiful as we flew over, but I did not try to take photos since I did not have a window seat. The sky was very clear and you could see for miles and miles after the storm had cleared out. There was snow on mountains that did not normally get snow.
This is the view of the convention center from our hotel room at the Hilton. It did clear off and was sunny California again before we left but the storm was waiting for me back at home. I have plenty more photos of the show and people to share, but as Dorothy said, "There is no place like home!"
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