Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mountain Heritage

It struck me the other day that so many groups have heritage celebrations. Foxfire is literally down the street from our cabin and I thought, Foxfire celebrates and explores the heritage of the appalachian people. Perhaps you have seen Foxfire books at the library or seen the movie with Jessica Tandy in it on Hallmark channel. Numerous older people in this area have been interviewed over the past 20-30 years to learn the ways of survival of these very hardy people. I was born in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, so I guess I have a little mountain blood in me, though I grew up in Florida. I have always preferred the mountains over the beach but I won't refuse a beach trip....hey, I don't refuse trips to any location! Somehow my husband escaped to Kansas City this week without me....I opted for a week at the cabin instead.
Just thought I would share a few photos from the area. After returning from Asheville, I told my mom that there was so much beauty right around us. As we were heading out, I snapped these photos across Highway 441 when we had stopped at our favorite produce stand. The sun was shining where we were, but the rain looked like it was coming.

This is the produce stand where Allison bought her baby pumpkins. They had a large variety of pumpkins and gourds.

I am looking forward to the fresh squash we bought there and the fried green tomatoes I will be cooking this evening....yum, yum! Sometimes we think we have to go other places to see beautiful things when they are all around us if we just look! I better enjoy the good cooking for now, as when I go home, it is back to Weight Watchers for me!


Jan Castle said...

Gee Holly, squash isn't high in calories...and tom. are not either...of course that's as they come from nature!!! Anyway, enjoy your goodies and God's beautiful's so inspiring!

Lenoria said...

Your saying about enjoying the beauty right around you reminds me of my Mom. That is what she used to say all the time "you don't have to leave the area to find nature's beauty". The red leaves which are usually on the trees in fall seemed to turn brown quickly this year so the colors were not nealy as pretty - but the waterfalls were beautiful!