Monday, October 19, 2009

Everything is bigger in Alaska!

Yes, even bags of kettle corn!!! This photo is from our visit to Anchorage back in June.
Last week when I was in Franklin, I bought a bag of kettle corn and it was still in the car as I arrived back in Atlanta Friday. In fact I was eating it on the way home and had to shake the remnants off my shirt as I went into my first Weight Watchers meeting. When I got home, however, the bag went into the trash. (hope no one smelled it on my breath...LOL!)
You know how much I love hiking to waterfalls, but this extra weight I am carrying is really weighing me down and keeping me from doing the things I like to do (like breathing!!), so I am back on track! I won't be posting too much about it here, but since it will be a great part of my life, my journey will be woven into my posts here. I became a lifetime member back in 1977 and was even a class leader for four years. The program has changed so much and I am really excited about being Back on Track. I have started a blog in the WW community with that name.This week I have projects to get done for Spotted Canary, so not sure how much posting I will be doing, but I am planning on heading back to the mountains this Friday, after I go to my WW meeting on Friday morning! My rebel is in the camera hospital (probably needs a new shutter), so I am waiting for an estimate on that. I hope to get more photos even if I have to use my point and shoot.
My new creation over the next year will be a new ME! Thanks for putting up with my ramblings!
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emarci said...

I'm right there with you-I became a lifetime member in 1972-I was 15 years old. I'm trying to get up the nerve to try again. You go girl!

Becky said...

Way to go Holly!

Peggy Maier said...

Much success with your WW program! I know you'll succeed, because I can read the determination in your post. We'll look forward to seeing the new you!

Jan Castle said...

That is something I need to do kind of creeps up on you and all of a sudden you look in the mirror and yikes...what happened! Hitting 70 on the 28th, so I REALLY need to watch my weight...and I don't mean in the mirror!!! I will gain confidence hearing how you do so keep us all updated!!! No pressure here!!!

Laureen said...

Good for you Holly! You sound very positive about this so I know you will make it. Keep us posted and go have a great time in the mountains. I know you will get some great pictures no matter what camera you use.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Holly, congratulations on the positive decision to do something about the weight.....I have been battling it all my life...I'm almost 65 now and since the joints were protesting so much I just had to do something.....I've managed to get off 30 lb since 1 April but the best thing of all is to be able to go out for a walk and walk uphill and be able to speak at the same time....little by little, step by step it gets better. So onward and downward is your watchword wishes.