Sunday, October 11, 2009

Magnolia Gardens

You can't get much more "southern" than Magnolia Gardens! Live oaks dripping with spanish moss, cypress trees in the swamps, camelia bushes as big as small houses with blooms as large as a dinner plate....and the home above of minister Drayton. These gardens were started around 1676.
While I thought the place needed some upkeep (especially with the $15 admission for which they were nicking you) it was definitely worth the visit. I would love to see the place when the camelias are in full bloom. I would not want to be here in the summer as the humidity would really be tough!
There were several bridges and also a boardwalk over the swamp. By the time we had walked the gardens, we chose not to do the boardwalk, however.

That is a lady's wrist to the left of this camelia, which was at least 6-7 inches wide. The bloom was so large, she held it up for me to photograph it. Most of the camelias will bloom in January or February.

Mike asked me to take a photo of their reflection in the water and it turned out pretty good.

The bird below looked like he was posing for us. There was also a boat ride you could take, but we did not see anyone doing that.

My husband and Janine are staying on the sidewalk, while our minister, Mike, was climbing on the liveoaks. I kept watching for a gator, but saw none.

There is also Cypress Gardens at Monck's Corner, SC that I would like to check out...maybe when Joyce and I head to Charleston! the winter....when the camelias are blooming! Hope you enjoyed this visit to Magnolia Gardens.


CelticWoman said...

a wonderful and beautiful retreat. Sandi

Jan Castle said...

Look very long as you don't spot any gators! You get my vote for wonderful photos!!!

Elsa said...

wow....beautiful garden
just like heaven!!!