Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scarecrow Trail - The Three Witches

While visiting in Huntsville and attending the funeral, Jason and I went to the Botanical Gardens before I came back to Atlanta. We were dodging the rain, but managed to see everything without having to use our umbrellas. We continue to get rain in the southeast and as I am writing this, many roads and bridges are washed out here in Atlanta and even our schools are closed today. I post several days in advance usually, so hopefully by the time you read this, the rain will be gone as we can't handle much more!

Most gardens have something for each season and here they have a Scarecrow Trail. Just as they had for the Big Bug Exhibit, different groups, schools, businesses, etc., contribute creations. In the winter they will have lights for the holidays and in spring, tulips and other bulbs. I always go to Callaway for the lights and Biltmore for the tulips, but I might try to make it back to Huntsville to see their spring bulbs next year. I need to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden again, but I have seen their scarecrows and they are usually pretty weird!

I always loved Halloween as a child and I love fall as an adult and I have always loved creativity! I would create a "haunted house" and charge the neighborhood kids a dime to go through it when I was about eight. Today I am sharing my favorite scarecrows from the scarecrow trail....these three witches.

These scarecrows are on display for two months so a lot of thought has to go into the materials used. Some looked like they were having a rough time, but these look like they were just set up after three weeks of exposure. One has a cauldron, one a book and the other is growing a garden.
Their heads are gourds painted green.

Below is a photo of Jason getting in the act with the witches. He is a big fella (about 6 foot 6 inches tall and wears size 18 shoes) so don't let the comparison make the witches look small. They are pretty much life sized (normal size for witches at least.....LOL).

I love their spanish moss hair! Someone put a lot of thought and work into this display and it did not go unnoticed by me. The scarecrows were judged and these were one of the winners....they were the winner in my book. More to come....


Heidi Blankenship said...

OMGosh that looks so fun!! I love Halloween and I can't wait to start decorating for it!! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I always love seeing pictures from your travels!! (((Hugs)))

Jan Castle said...

WOW! The witches are really spooky...would not want to come across them at night...even if you didn't charge to let me see them! LOL

Elaine said...

How cool is that!!??

Becky said...

What a treat, Holly! Thanks so much for sharing with are one adventurous lady!