Friday, September 25, 2009

Flowers of September

Autumn color does not come only in the trees....these photos were taken at the Huntsville Botanical Garden where there were still a lot of blooms to see.
The yellow object in the upper right hand corner is a butterfly that flew into my photo. I also saw a hummingbird zoom by but it was too fast for me.
Speaking of hummingbirds, the photo below is a hummingbird vine, one of my favorites! I have done flower pounding with them before (there is a little papercrafting sidenote!).

I always enjoy fall displays.....including the scarecrows to come!


CelticWoman said...

Beautiful flowers with butterflies and bees, doesn't get much better than this. Sandi

Becky said...

Holly, these pictures are awesome! I love it that the butterfly flew into the picture....I enjoy your blog so much. That is the first thing I check every morning before I check e-mail or anything else.

nise said...

So pretty and bright! And I just realized they would probably look even better if I cleaned my glasses! Happy weekend!

Jan Castle said...

Oh boy....hummingbird flowers????? Where do I get some seeds? I love husband says he has to walk thru our house with a bag over his head because of all the hummingbirds! LOL
Great pictures you could take a bad picture!
Jan Castle

Holly's Hobbies said...

Lol...I like hummingbirds too! This is called hummingbird vine and the little seed pods that you see in the photo will dry up and have seeds in them in the late fall. I will keep my eye open for them around here. I have had them before and my neighbor has had them, but don't know of any around here this year. I only learned of it about five years ago when my great aunt had some and she told me her mother (my great grandmother) always had them. It is like the cardinal flower...I had never noticed them until we were at the last waterfall and now I have seen them several times!