Thursday, September 24, 2009

Football Funkins

One of the projects I took to Alabama with me was to work on Jason and Jessica's funkin. They will be going to the cabin this fall, but unfortunately, I already had something planned for the weekend they are going. So, I wanted to get their pumpkin done and delivered.

Jessica received her Law degree from the University of Alabama, so I did one side with the elephant and the big "A". This design was a little too detailed maybe, but you can still tell what school it represents. At the bottom it says "Crimson Tide". We all have our fingers crossed as she learns the results of her exam next week!
Jason, on the other hand, was raised to be a Florida Gator fan (my apologies to all that hate the Gators, but I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and that is who I pull for!). The photo above is a little fuzzy but I think it looks very cool below lit up. I like the way the teeth and the eye look. Looks pretty ominous, huh? They do on the field too!!! Sorry....I get carried away sometimes.
One thing I did remember after I had transferred the designs to the funkins is that there is a hard seam on each side of the funkin. This isn't something they tell have to learn from experience. It only took me TWO funkins to learn! Hopefully when I do my daughter's funkin, I can get that right and get a clear photo of the gator! The seam seems to be smoother than the other parts and must be on the flatter part, as I managed to hit it both times!
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nise said...

GREAT JOB!!! That Gator does look menacing.

Jan Castle said...

What a surprise...I was born and raised in Miami, FL! Guess we are both 'Florida Crackers'! Your Gator is certainly scary with the backlighting...your kids are going to love it!
Jan Castle