Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Butterfly House

While some butterfly houses stay open year round (like the one at Callaway) this one closes after September. Above is a "Happy Caterpillar" Scarecrow and flowers in the shape of a butterfly.
Though there was a field trip of fourth graders in the butterfly house with us, I was able to make a few snaps. I like the contrast of the butterfly on the white flower.

There wasn't a large variety of types of butterflies in the house, but there were still beautiful.


nise said...

The walnuts are falling and the wooly bear catapillars are roamin' up here. Thanks for sharing some warm and pretty. Sounds like it's mostly over for me this year ~ boo hoo.

Jan Castle said...

Lovely, lovely, one picture there are so many butterflies they look like flowers on a green bush! Now if only the hummers would stay that still so we could get a good picture!!!!

Karen said...

HI, I found your blog by searching for scarecrow photos. Love these! Thanks for sharing!