Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greenville Heirloom Show

As I mentioned, Joyce and I hit the road again. On this trip, we went to the Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain, went to several shops (Stamps & More by Eleanor, The Funkie Munkie and others) saw two covered bridges, a waterfall and a grist mill! Last but not least, we attended the Heirloom Show in Greenville, SC.

One of my favorite things about stamp/scrapbooking shows is seeing old friends. I have a lot of friends in SC as I have taught many classes in that area. Above, I ran into Bonnie and her husband from the Winston Salem area. Bonnie used to do shows, selling stamps and murl (sp?) paper (and doing her great demos), but she has now retired.
The show might be a little smaller than in the past, but there was plenty of shopping to be done! I was out west last year so I missed the Greenville show in 2008 but did attend in 2007.

Dave and Pat weren't there, but Sheila was there to help everyone as they came in the show.
I still think about Eileen, who lost her battle to cancer. She was a sweet lady!

There were a couple of local stores represented at the show. Above is Stephanie (left) that owns the Funkie Munkie, off I 85 on Hwy 14. There is also a new scrapbooking store in Spartanburg on Main Street (Hwy 29). Joyce and I stopped by Eleanor's store as we came into town on Thursday and she had a lot of new stuff that we all need! Eleanor is at exit 39, just north of I 85.

Here are some old friends that I ran into, Gail and Tom Ellison, who own Artlenz. They were demoing up at the store in Franklin, NC week before last when I was there, but Joyce and I were at the waterfalls at Sky Valley and didn't make it in to see them. I love their products and they have some great new stamps. Love the quilt patterns and snowflakes! They are going around to stores and demoing their great product so if you get a chance, check out their great stamps and materials!

It was so good to see my South Carolina friends....there were several I missed seeing like Karen and Elaine and others. I was looking forward to seeing Beverly Terry who owns Terryfic Times in Corneilius, NC, but she was busy teaching a class on her new flip flop books. I really hated that we didn't get together. :-(
There are also other former store owners like Melanie and Audrey that I miss seeing.

Above is Christine (left) from Artful Legacy in Surfside, SC (just south of Myrtle Beach) and some of her friends that made the trip down. I have known Christine for several years.

George and Margaret from Sparkle N Sprinkle had several new images (the only new stamps I purchased were a set I bought from her) and their great glitters and embossing powders.

My friend, Sondra Bright, was busy running around doing all the great make and takes!

Above, Darlene Clark, is filling up her Savannah, GA bag with her purchases. There were about eleven stampers that came up from Savannah. I have known Darlene for several years after she took one of my classes in Savannah.

Joyce, in the green, told me not to let her spend any money....yeah, right!!! I introduced her to my friend Susan as they were standing lin line to buy paper from Marcos.

Greg Smallwood from Marcos was staying busy, ringing up the sales. Karen, who often runs the booth, had a stroke recently, so our thoughts and prayers are with her. She is expected to have a full recovery. We missed Karen and her husband. Yes, stamping is great fun, but as you can tell from my photos, it is the people that really matter....I didn't take the first photo of a card, but took a lot of photos of people! Sorry if you were wanting to see cards.

Ann was the only friend that I saw from the Atlanta area. I still remember Ann writing into the Rubber Stamper Magazine about how much fun she had at the Chattanooga convention years ago and how she enjoyed meeting me and Bonnie Boyle (Bonnie's Best Art Tools). Ann has been hanging out at Bonnie's new place in Atlanta and encouraging me to get back into teaching classes. I really do need to do that as I miss seeing everyone. Even my stamping buddies seem to be too busy to get together and stamp these days! (I know, I don't stay home a lot either!)

Here is my friend Kathy Markwardt doing some shopping. She was a little discouraged as her husband had given her the "don't you have enough stamping stuff already? speech" recently.....most of us have heard it from our husbands....but his timing was lousy, coming right before the convention! Looks like she is overcoming it though and coming out of her funk....LOL! Love ya, Kathy!

Hopefully it brightened your day seeing these smiling faces even if you don't know these people. Also, maybe it makes you feel good to know that we all have struggles like money problems or physcial limitations and the economy effects everyone, but through it all, there is a lot more to stamping and scrapping than putting ink on paper or choosing embellishments. It is good times spent together and using our talents to cheer up someone else's day.
I had another great trip with Joyce, doing the things we enjoy doing together. Hope you, too, are having a great weekend!


Inkerbelle said...

Thanks for posting these pics, Holly; they bring back lots of lovely memories. I miss going to the Greenville Convention and I miss seeing Eleanor as well as all the people from The Mercantile.

Pandastmpr said...

Great pictures Holly. I'm sorry we didn't get so see you. The 13 of us Savannah Stampers were about to find lots to buy but you are right, it was sad not seeing some of the regulars there.