Sunday, September 13, 2009

Morning Glory!

One of my regular readers, Nise (and a regular those that make comments....lets me know I am not just talking to myself!) asked what the heart shaped vine was that was entwined in with the iron weed in the last of my butterflies and blossoms photos. I am pretty sure that is the lovely morning glory. You can't see any blossoms in the photo, so I can see why you would ask, but since you mentioned it, here are some photos of morning glory blossoms I took recently.
Above is a morning glory that had worked it's way in and around a joe pye weed blossom. I took this photo at the lake near the cabin.
When Joyce and I stopped at a grist mill in Greer, SC, we couldn't resist photographing these lovely morning glories!
There were white ones, light pink, vibrant pink, purple and light blue!
Nise, you will be happy to know that I did resist photographing the little snake that ran in front of me on the trail to the waterfall we saw this week! LOL! I thought about you though! Can't lose my regular readers by posting snake photos!

Hope everyone is having a morning glory kind of day!
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CelticWoman said...

glorious. Sandi

nise said...

I wondered if it was a morning glory vine, but without the blooms, I couldn't be sure. I LOVE morning glories, especially the heavenly blue ones. For years my Mom, Grandma and I always had a race to see who would get the first bloom. Grandma's been gone 11 years, but now my nephew, who's 13, is in on the game. Thanks for sharing these and the photos of the Happy Stampers at convention. And I am glad you only saw that unphotogenic s-n-a-k-e at a distance.

Jan Castle said...

Now was probably only a grass snake...just keep thinking about the "beautiful" morning glory pictures Holly took, as I will, and we can both ignore her reference to the s-n-a-k-e! No poisonous snakes in my part of Oregon...I thank the Lord for that!