Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring in the mountains

I finally made it to the cabin after going to Memphis and to South Carolina. I did learn something during the NCAA tournament....if you lose, don't think it is the end of the world. You could lose your coach and half your team, and that is A LOT worse! Poor Memphis Tigers!
Two years ago, we were in Washington DC this weekend (when my number one team the Florida Gators won) and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. I think I will dig up some of those photos and share them, but here are some from the cabin. The daffodils were very pretty...missed the crocus this year, but hope to see the iris when they bloom.
This is the Sylvan Mills Bed and Breakfast....they still do some grinding there.
I love the phlox...both growing in the rocky hillside and along the rock walls. It's beauty is short lived, but is such a breath of fresh air when it comes after a long winter!
Have a great day!
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Marina said...

Holly, can I come visit you? ;-)
This place is so beautiful.........
ox Marina

Holly's Hobbies said...

I thought Italy was stunning also!
Long time no see...I imagine your son is really growing up! I always had such fun with him at conventions. You can visit any time!