Monday, February 16, 2009

Watercolor photos part 2

Ok, now that you have your image, you can use the brush to move some of the paint around and fill in the white spots. The pigment from the impression is only going to go where the lines are on the stamp, so you might need to help it out some, depending on your image. I also painted water where I wanted my shadow and then a little gray in those areas. Notice how I have used a plate as my palette, simply scribbling some of the crayon on the plate and painting from that. You can use a styrofoam plate....anything that is non porus. I also got some brown paint and tapped my brush on a pencil to get a little spattering to look like the sand that would be around a shell on the beach.
Here my page is filled up with Inkadinkado images. I just LOVE the Inkadinkado sketch images. I think they are my very favorite! I like every one of those they have made and I just got some great new ones! I also like to stamp them with the Versafine Smokey Gray ink and then paint them in. Looks like I sat down and did the sketch myself!
How about a bolder stamp? This bird frame is an example of a stamp that has more solid areas. Excuse my junk in the background....I am SUCH a messy crafter! Would you believe all my other areas are too cluttered and now I am in my kitchen working and obviously, it is cluttered too! Hope none of you are like me :-)

Here is one of the new sketch stamps from Inkadinkado....a rose. Notice how subtle the shadows are....less is more! Be sure and sign your artwork! to fix those images that need help!
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loni.sue said...

Holly, your work is beautiful and it's generous of you to share your knowledge. I love watercolored stamps. Thanks!

Elaine said...

I can't believe how gorgeous they come out looking! You are truly gifted and very talented -- I appreciate you sharing the way you got these to look so great, but I don't know that mine would ever work like this! lol

Judit V said...

These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all these tips about watercolours!

Norine said...

thanks again for all the lessons they look so nice

Dru said...

Love all of them, but that rose is gorgeous - and I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that has to leave their studio area for another part of the house for more room because I've managed to trash a whole other room - LOL
Anyway, thank for sharing your watercoloring tips it's one of my favorite means of coloring and your posts have been enormously helpful

Kimmie said...

Can't remember how I got here, LoL! But I'm glad I did. Your watercolor work is lovely! And That rose? Wow. Absolutely Stunning. :)