Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day part 2

This heart balloon card is from my friend, Marian ("will stamp for food")....I am so proud of her...she made her cards and mailed them before she went on her Caribbean cruise! We tease her about being such a big stamp collector who seldom stamps. She has been doing much better lately! Thanks, Marian and I hope you had a great trip.
This pretty card is from my friend, Kathy. I am always happy to see an envelope with Kathy's return address as I know I am in for a treat!
While I did not do cards, I did do some treats...the "sour cream container gift pouches" pictured above and sugar cookies pictured below.
The sour cream containers are such a quick and easy container....just be sure to use a very strong tape! The cookies were not so quick and easy, but they sure taste good!
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
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Jenny Gropp said...

those cookies look so yummy!

Kara Ward said...

Everything looks delicious...Happy Valentine's Day! Kara