Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stamped images, painted

Okay, we are stepping away from the crayons for a little bit and looking at these stamped images that were painted. I want to point out some other techniques I used. On Santa, you might can tell that the white portions "glow".....I used powdered pigments on those areas. With wc, you normally use the white of the paper for your white. Here I wanted some extra kick to it, so I used a pearlized Twinkling H20. Some people will paint totally with those, but I think that is a bit much. I like to use it for the special touches. Now, I have painted juicy H20's on the stamp and stamped with it (like you would the crayons) and I like that look, but normally, I just use it for the highlights.
You should recognize the background on the bats as being wet on wet, but I also used salt. Notice the "curdled" look in the blue and yellow...if you put salt on the wet paint, the salt will absorb the pigment and leave a lighter spot. Great technique for icy scenes, underwater or skies. Let it dry before brushing off the salt!
Just as you have shadows, there are also highlights. Here on the pumpkin I used the lighter color of yellow for the highlight. I also made a reflected shadow that uses the color of the object rather than the gray I usually use.
When I was selecting these examples, I kept accidentally pulling examples I used Copic markers on....they really can look like watercolors too! They were fooling me! If after we finish up with watercolor (if that is possible....I could go on and on about watercolor), we can look at second favorite method of coloring....if you would like that, leave a comment!
Notice on the glass jar, there is less pigment where the highlight would be. I stamped image will often tell you where the highlight should go. Notice the shading in the other areas. You can remove paint that is still wet simply by dabbing with a tissue....go down on the paint and then lift smearing. The "spatters" done on the background were done with wc crayons on a stamp by the way. Eyelets and score lines....yes, that is Holly's work!
Let me know if you want to learn about Copics after we finish watercolors....yes, I will get out my camera and do step out photos.
Let me know if you have any questions along the way also....that will let me know if anyone is still with me and I love to answer questions.
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Laureen said...

I would love to have you do copics after you finish watercolors!
Thank you for all the wonderful directions you are giving us.

Cindy Frazier said...

I would love to see what you do with copics!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you did Copics next!

Love your creations!


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying every bit of the watercolor tutorials and would love to see what you do with Copics. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!!
Carrie C.