Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Softer look with Watercolor Crayons

Just like the example of the winter scarf and mittens achieved a soft look by the use of crayons, so this ballet stamp also is softer by using wc crayons. If you stamped it in black ink, there would be a much harsher look. I even used a gray (Versafine) ink for the title and background stamping as I wanted it soft.
Same with the teddy bear....no black ink here! (hey, and no eyelets!) Could have used some in the corners of the white.
The colors of fall are great done in this method as you have no interference with inked lines....but look at the detail you can still achieve.
Sometimes a stamp can have so many details that it looks better with a more muted look like this reindeer.
Watercolor crayons.....they are my friends!
I was at a show selling Rubber Stamper Magazines and a stamp company from Florida (now closed) was selling Faber Castell crayons....I asked the guy that if I demoed the method at my booth (to show examples of what was in the magazine) and sold crayons for him, would he give me a break on the deluxe set....I did such a great job selling that he had none for me to buy at the end of the show! I eventually got them, but that is what you get when you are passionate about something....just joking!
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nise said...

Now that you've helped me with using the wc crayons, would you please come and help me find where I tucked them away to?? Thanks for some GREAT help and ideas, Holly!

Holly Craft said...

LOL....only if you come help me find all the things I can't find....You know, the things we put away in an important spot so we can find them...Yeah, right! I understand completely!