Monday, February 9, 2009

More watercolor crayons

I know you are just itching for me to get the crayons out and show you step by step....if you have any SU! mini catalogs, I noticed that they had a little set of step out photos that show this basic idea....of course, I have been doing it for years....back when they were still selling wc pencils (NOT my favorite form of the medium....they always look like pencils to me). Besides the watercolor images on these cards, there might be other things you can learn how I used my Wizard and netting above to create a texture....yes, Life's good! I have my Wizard and wc crayons and Serendipity stamps! My daughter was home when my first cover issue of Rubber Stamper Magazine (sandcastle, other favorite stamp company!) arrived in the mail....she opened it and knew it was my card on the front...she said, it had watercolor, torn paper and had to be yours! We all have our favorite things! Oh, and she always called me the shadow queen as I love to add shadows!

Anyway, here again you can see that there are no ink lines in these images...all done with watercolor. On the crocus below, no spattering or even shadows....just a nice clean look. It depends on the subject whether I add the spattering.

Another tool I like to use is my Scor-It for the scored lines around the edges....and a sanding block is never far from my fingers! Notice how the white core paper has been sanded on the fern card. Yes, my daughter is right about the eyelets...every one of these cards have eyelets!

On the purple crocus, notice the look of highlights on the petals that are closer to you....more water, less pigment for a lighter shade.
I do several of these posts at one time, so that is why I am still showing examples....a few more and then I will get out my camera! You are learning as you look at these. I feel like the guy doing a slide show of his grand kids or the trip out west....don't nod off on me! Leave a comment so I know you are still with me :-)

By now, you should be able to recognize that these are all Serendipity stamps.

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linda said...

I created a Google account just so I could comment on your blog! I'm loving these tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to explain how your cards are done. They are gorgeous! Have a great day -

Holly Craft said...

That is great, Linda! I am glad you are enjoying them and I do appreciate you commenting!

Peggy Maier said...

How neat! I love the use of the netting on the sea creatures card! I'm another one who uses a lot of shadow - it adds so much depth. I always have people ask "How did you do that?" Also love your use of the eyelets. I can see now that I need to pull my poor neglected ones out & use them! Have a blessed day!

Nena said...

Thank you so much for the detailed
tutorials on watercolor crayons.I
LOVE watercolor and ordered my first
set of crayons this week. I am going
to be able to try my hand at these
ideas as soon as they come! I look
forward to your blog everyday and
appreciate you sharing your ideas
and talents. Have a great week!

Jenny Gropp said...

Good read and super samples. I have packages of watercolor crayons -- unopened. Now I'm feeling some love for them... Thanks for the inspiration.