Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Airbrushing with Copics

Copic has two Air Brush Systems available. You can check them out at the Copic website. You can also see a video about the new DVD on airbrushing that will be coming out this spring.
ABS1 comes with everything you need to get started and then you can then transition into using an air compressor. With it you get the air grip, air hose, air adapter (it is attached to the air grip in the above photo), a can of air (Air Can 80 - not the one pictured above...it is also available in a larger size too), and an air can holder (a foam holder to set the can in when using it to keep it from tipping over). The air adapter is what regulates the flow of air that goes into the grip. The hose connects the canned air to the air adaptor. You simply slip the marker into the grip, open up the valve to release the air and push the trigger with your forefinger.
ABS2 is more of a "see if you like it trial". It does not come with the air adapter. The D60 can pictured above has it's own regulator. If you like the process and results and want to do airbrushing with a compressor, you will need to purchase an Air Adapter.
Air compressors come in the small version (pictured above) that artists often use and the larger models that you will find in workshops or for house painting, etc. The smaller compressors come with a smaller hose, which usually will fit into the Air Adapter. The larger models of air compressors have a larger hose and you will need a connector to size down from the larger hose to the smaller nozzle on the Air Adapter. This can all be very confusing, but if you are going to airbrush with your Copics, you will save a lot of money by getting a compressor. If you don't use it much, you can stick with the canned air.
Above are some examples of airbrushing using Spellbinders die templates. Since their die are open (unlike other companies die), you can use them as a mask to airbrush through. The ink does get on the die, but it cleans off great with the EZ Tool Cleaner that Inspired Crafts makes. I really like this all purpose cleaner (great for scissors, cutting blades, rubber stamps....and die!). It cleans great and doesn't leave any greasy residue.
You can see above that I used a die to emboss only (around the shell), another die to cut out an opening (I can use both the cut out and the opening portion) and a border die for the decorative images.
The original Copic markers and Sketch markers are the two that can be used in the airbrush system. Ciao markers do not fit. Thus, I do not own any Ciao markers....they also contain less ink, so you have to refill them more often. If you are using the markers to just color with, the Ciaos are fine.
You might ask, doesn't airbrushing use a lot of ink? Actually, not as much ink as coloring uses. A fine mist of the ink will cover a large area of paper compared to coloring where the ink sinks into the fibers of the paper.
Notice also that I did two types of airbrush spray around the shell. The chisel point (comes on both of the types of markers) does a fine mist whereas the brush (comes on the sketch markers) does the "spattered" look.
I use the sticky portion of a post it note to make a mask for my stamped image. Simply stamp the image on the post it note, cut it out and you have a mask to save the white of the paper.
Let me know if you have any questions....more will be coming.
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Kara Ward said...

Amazing... wish you lived closer. I am think that is such a neat effect. My kids would love giving it a whirl too! Thanks for sharing!!!Kara

leenda said...

A couple of questions...I enjoy airbrushing & am ready to purchase a compressor. Where did you purchase yours? And, where do you purchase the EZ tool cleaner? I am really happy to see the compressor is small in size. Thanks Holly!

Holly Craft said...

I purchased my compressor from www.merriartist.com. They have free shipping on orders of $90 (not a problem there!!). Just look under airbrush and you will see the AC 100 compressor in my photo ($164.45). Inspired Crafts has a list on their website of places you can buy their products on line or you can buy from them direct.
Hth and have fun!!! Let me know when you start airbrushing!

Norine said...

thanks for the tut wish I had one of those LOL maybe some day

Carrie said...

Holly is right you can find the airbrushing tool on Inspired Crafts website. They are really friendly people too. Glad I found your blog. It was really interesting and will be back!