Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Airbrushing with Copics

Here is a shot showing the trigger that you push when airbrushing. You just take the top off the marker and slide it right in the opening on the Air Grip. Push down that lever and as long as you have air, you will have airbrushing! I am using the magnetic spacer plate underneath to help keep the die template in place. The die doesn't move around like the paper mask will want to do. How close you hold the air grip will also determine how forceful the air spray is when airbrushing. Better to begin farther out and then move in rather than to begin too close and get a big spot that is darker than you want.
Here is a close up of using the die as your mask.
You can see on the example below that I do have one of those beginning darker spots than what I would really want. Once I stamp on the square or use it for layering, it will not be as prominent.
We are about ready to move on to coloring with Copics, but let me know if you have any questions about airbrushing with them.
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