Monday, February 23, 2009

Homework assignment on Copics

If you want to learn alot of technical information (like how the numbering system works, how to choose colors to go together, examples of ways to use the blending pens, cardstock recommendations, etc.) and practical information, I have a couple of blogs for you to check out.
First, Marianne Walker's I Like Markers blog...the link is on my sidebar. Marianne works for the company that distributes Copics in the U.S. and she is the person who taught the workshop I attended when at the Spellbinders DT retreat last year.
Another blog I learned about through a post on Gingerwood is Jane's Whoopsie Daisy post from last Saturday. She really fit a lot of great information on that post. I could sit here and type it for you, but why not go directly to her blog? You will learn all you wanted to know about Copics but forgot to ask!
So, go study up on these two blogs and then we will meet back here!


Peggy Maier said...

I'm already a subscriber to I Like Markers & look forward to receiving her posts. They are SO helpful & I've learned so much! I just visited Jane's blog at your suggestion & was pleasantly surprised - what a wealth of info ! Done really well, too! Thanks.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

You are so sweet to link to me! What a wonderful compliment. Thank you very much! (hugs) Jane

Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the links...will check them out! Do you recommend the original or the sketch (to do the coloring as well as the air brushing? Do they both allow you to use the 10 different types of nibs?