Monday, December 22, 2008

Save your Christmas money for this software!

If you frequent my blog very often, you know I love the software from Kaleidoscope Collections.

Well, they are coming out with a new version in January and it is fantastic! The company knows how much I like their products, so they asked me to take a look at the new software and see what I, it is less than a week from Christmas and I am heading up to the cabin Monday to decorate and shop for food, etc., but I started playing with this software and I just couldn't stop! You can tell from the photos that I had a great time!

Maybe you are like me and people don't know what to buy me so often they just give me money instead....if you are like that, you might want to save some of that money for this great software!

Here you can see some of the quilts I am working on. One cool new thing on the new program is that you can save a custom setting for printing and use it again and again with just a touch of a button. For instance, I like to make an overall pattern of one inch squares. I add my margins and my Kaleidoscope size so that they equal and inch and then tell it how many squares I want and I can save that and never have to figure it out again!

The Kaleidoscopes do not have to be square anymore. Create your Kaledioscope and then set the measurements to make it whatever size rectangle you want! Change your margins to move the Kaleidoscope around on the page to print several on a page.

This is way cool.....create a background with a color from your photo! Simply use the eyedropper to pick up the color you want and then add a texture if you want!! You can even add your own texture! There is also a bar across the bottom where you can note the exact position of your Kaleidoscope just in case you need to take your photo back to edit the color or exposure, you can come back and go exactly where you had it. This bar is also great for small movements, each of which will change your Kaleidoscope! I just sit and play and enjoy it even if I don't print anything! It is like having a digital Kaleidoscope, only you can choose and change the colors and patterns! Of course, there are more new templates and the quick review screen is even quicker and easier to use. As soon as you move the photo and pick up on the mouse, the new Kaleidoscope is shown. Say you want to scroll back and look at all the different ones you have made.....just use the arrow buttons to go back or come forward to the present one!

Here is a closeup of the background color and, huh? This came from a photo of one of my cards I had done the stitching on....see the "x's"?

This uses the spiral texture and a color I picked up from the photo of hydrangea blossoms. I took a Kaleidoscope I had saved, used that as my photo and made a Kaleidoscope of the Kaleidoscope!!! Print three of these and then cut the shapes to make a layered medallion.....would that be gorgeous or what?
Whether you like to make cards, scrap, quilt or just love Kaleidoscopes, you will love this software! I am certainly on computer geek and I used it the first time I tried problems. This third version is even more user friendly! You can make posters of your design or you can print on cloth and just do each piece of the template at a time! There are so many possibilities! Do you get the idea that I really like it! Save that money and check out the website!