Saturday, December 20, 2008

And the presents were wrapped......

Not really....just joking with you. It is that time to start wrapping up all the loose ends isn't it? I promised a photo of my friend, Marian, with the great shirt her husband had made for her. I love it! In fact, I might need one when the bill comes in for my Christmas present to myself.....Copic refills and a small compressor with a guage....and some Wide Copics.....Yes, I need to learn how to stamp or say NO!
Aren't all those colors just lovely? I love to color with my markers! Think of the choices of colors I have for polished stone now too! Okay, back to getting those gifts wrapped.....have a great day!
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Sue said...

oh looky at all those copics...I have 3 and haven't jumped in with both feet yet...I love the grey highlighter and the skin color that I have! Some day!