Friday, December 19, 2008

And the cookies were made.....

I have always loved making cookies during the holiday season, so Tina, Marian and I got together and made Gingerbread cookies at Tina's on Wednesday. She has a newly remodeled kitchen and before the work upstairs was done, she had a "Mickey Mouse" kitchen put in down in the basement so she would have a place to cook while the remodeling was going on in the main kitchen. We did the modjeskas down with Mickey (her stamp room is down there). This is a woman who is serious about I am serious about stamping! Anyway, we took advantage of her having two ovens and used both of them.

One thing she had not done was use a pastry bag....No, Tina, you still aren't holding it correctly! Marian and I both tried to show her. Marian is taking the photos with my camera and doing overall supervision. She also helped us package them. I had made tags for the large gingerbread men and we bagged them up in Wilton bags and closed them off with bag toppers. I will include Marian in my photo have to see the shirt her husband had made for her.

I met Tina at Binders Stamp Club and I guess I met Marian at stamping classes (she calls herself the class slut :-) at the now closed Angel Art Store and she led me to Stamp Club (along with Bonnie from Bonnie's Best Art Tools who lives around the corner from Tinas...I met her at class also and photographed her stamping room for the Rubber Stamper Magazine). You know you have been friends for a long time when you can't remember where you met....either that or you are just getting old! Tina and I do artwork for the Inkadinkado website, something I wrangled her into!

Friendships are one of the best things of life and it makes activities like cookie baking so much more fun when you do it together.
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Jenny Gropp said...

Holly -- it looks like you guys had a blast.... I have met Tina, Marian, and Bonnie --- all fun fun fun ladies!!
And I love Marian's shirt! lol!
Thanks for sharing the pics.