Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Callaway Gardens

Each year, my husband has something he attends with business at Callaway Gardens the week before Thanksgiving. I tag along as his company sponsors part of it and we go to the Christmas light show. I spend the day wandering around the gardens and then at night we see the lights. I just love going and since it falls near my birthday, it is another birthday treat for me. These are some of the photos I took last fall. Can't wait to see what photos I get this week! There is a small chapel on a lake and I think the stained glass windows are so pretty. Notice the nature details in the glass.

There is a horticultural center and it is always beautiful there....they will have a "Christmas tree' made of poinsettias. Spring time is a beautiful time at the garden as they have azalea gardens.....I promised myself I would go there this past spring and never made it....I will shoot for spring '09!

It is a great place for nature walks or bike riding. My friend Tina loves to go there with their bikes.

There is also a butterfly house....gorgeous plants and butterflies there! Kind of warm inside, though.

The southern "Victory garden" is at Callaway that is seen on television.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip....I should have more photos next week!

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Debbie said...

Holly, those photos of Callaway Gardens are beautiful...I love that place...I used to have a season pass every I live too far to get there as often...Thanks for sharing those memories...hugs, Debbie in Georgia