Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter had come to the gardens

It was quite chilly when we rode the open trolley Thursday night at Fantasy of Lights at Callaway, but it was really cold Friday morning! It was in the thirties (hey, that is cold down here in the south!) so I decided to go to the two spots that I knew would be warm at the Gardenss, the butterfly house and the horticultural center. Butterflies and plants have to be kept warm!

I wish I had wonderful photos of the seasonal light theme, but that is very difficult to photograph. I will look to see if I have any from previous years. I didn't even try to take any photos Thursday night. A camera is hard to operate when you are wearing gloves!

The pretty fall leaves were long gone, so there was no need to go looking for them. I did learn that there is a covered bridge in the area that I will have to check out the next time I am over there. Callaway Gardens is located in West Georgia, near Columbus, GA. F.D. Roosevelt had his "Little White House" in Warm Springs, in the next county over from Harris County.

The Day Butterfly House is named after the man who began "Days Inn" motels. That is the family that donated the money to build the butterfly house.

You come inside and there are butterflies fluttering everywhere. There are beautiful flowers, little ponds, fish and sometimes tropical birds.

I also visited the John Sibley Horticultural Center. I have always loved this swan statue. Today, there was another guest there, trying to figure out if those birds are real or not (he was real!).

This time of year, they do a poinsettia tree and have poinsettias everywhere inside. It is very lovely.
This morning it is 22 degrees here....Baby, it's cold outside. That song is on my new Christmas CD, "Now that is what I call Christmas", a great combination of classic Christmas music. Hope everyone is staying warm!


Toni said...

I love butterfly houses. Great photos. As for the cold you want to come here? I have plenty of snow for you.

Your package arrived today! Thank you! Now I get to play later today.

catSCRAPPIN said...

Great butterfly pictures. I've never seen those breeds before.