Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holiday Goodies!

I receive Martha's Stewart's "Cookie of the day" emails and one this week was her candy corn cookies. I am sorry....they might have tasted good, but a cookie with a candy corn stuck on top of it, please Martha! I decided I should share the three treats that I make for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The turkeys are made with old fashioned creme drops, which I am having trouble finding this year. I am going to make a couple this morning using truffles and see how that turns out. The pieces are all put together with caramel. Also, at the Dollar Tree, I found maple leaf shaped cookies that I will use for the tail rather than butter cookies.

On my Halloween cookies, I actually put the candy corn on the cookie and bake it in it, giving a wonderful spooky appearance.

The mice are held together with candy making chocolate that the cherries have been dipped into. They are a little tricky at first, but once you get a system down, they are not difficult. Parchment paper is your friend on any thing where you are melting chocolate!

I am doing some candy this morning for a project I am submitting, but alas, I am on a diet, so I won't get to enjoy the rewards!

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Toni said...

Holly I cannot keep up with you. So I subscribed to your email updates. I love it when people allow that option.

I would like to know what do you do with everything you make? I love seeing what you are up to.