Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall artist trading cards

Here are some fall themed artist trading cards. House Mouse is always fun, no matter what season..this was done on watercolor paper, so I could manipulate the paper and make the pumpkin on the bottom raise up.....I used Italian paper for the fruit one. You can not see in this photo that I scored squares on the card and then covered the entire card with clear embossing powder. The look is one of ceramic tile....very cool in real like. I love butterscotch and one day as I was unwrapping a piece of candy, I thought there ought to be something I could do with this pretty amber cellophane.....result: a pumpkin shaker trading card! Inside the shaker is orange glitter and a little black spider! The card is made of fun foam (to give the needed depth) and the pumpkin was cut out with a Sizzix die.

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