Monday, October 6, 2008

A clear and present danger....

Oh, I guess that name has already been taken.....the reason I called this Halloween coffee filter book that (Yes, I have been dipping back into the coffee filters!!) is that this time the cover is clear acrylic. Cool beans, huh? I have been doing designs for a company here in Atlanta and this is one that I wanted made. Let me know if there are any covers or shapes you think would be cool made out of acrylic! I would love to hear from you.

I think one of the reasons I like the halloween season is that I can make stuff just as gawdy as I please!!! No other season it really like that. So that made this a fun project to do. It uses stamps and diecuts from various companies and things I picked up at the dollar store or craft store. I have a "stash" of stuff I have found marked down after Halloween is over and it was fun to use some of it.

The cool thing about the acrylic cover is the transparency of being able to see inside. On the back cover, I had a pumpkin on the last page of the book, but the face was stamped on the cover. Oh, I meant to do some airbrushing on it with Copics....I will have to try that!

Here you can see the pumpkin on the left and the face on the right.
When the book is closed, they are together.
I also keep a stash of parts of projects I have done in the past. This was one that I started doing one year and couldn't stop doing them so I had several extras! It is glossy cardstock and three primary colors of Stazon ink. The red and yellow combine to make orange, blue and red combine to make purple and yellow and blue combine to make green...So three colors of ink, but you end up with six colors. That is your Color Theory lesson for the week :-).

I even used some ATC's I had in my stash on the pullouts that fit inside the filter. If you were making this as a gift, you could stick gift certificates, Wendy's frosty coupons, pieces of gum....all kinds of things as surprise treats for the recipient.
Here you can see where I made pullouts of my Stazon projects.
I did the filters like I did on the butterfly book I did previously in that I stamped images on them and embossed in clear before coloring with watercolor. I bought some dye that I am also going to try on another project.
On the right side you can see the watermark of a skeleton dancing and the left side says "Trick or Treat".
I like the frufru of ribbon, but I also added little shrink plastic pieces I had made.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing this book and if you have ideas for acrylic covers or shapes, please leave a comment!


Susan said...

WOW this is fantastic what a creation of cartwork

Lisa said...

I should have known that Halloween would be your favorite holiday, even from the banana tree/haunted house days! Your book is "amazing" to borrow a word from Alyssa!