Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Beautiful Autumn Wedding!

Several posts back I shared a wedding invitation I did for a friend and also several choices of programs. We ended up going with a different program as she insisted she needed 250 to 300 of them, and the one she chose was too complex for me to have time to get that many done. Above you see the simplified version, but I think it is still pretty.
I love photographing children and this ring bearer and I had a contest going of him trying to avoid me catching him in a photo. I got some really cute shots of him. The flower girl was so pretty.
One of my favorite places and times to get photos at a wedding is in the foyer before they go down the aisle. For some reason, the official photographer was not back there, so I had full reign! I love the natural light streaming in and the emotions you can catch. I was just taking "candid" shots for the bride.

I do a lot of weddings and it takes a lot to impress me, but the decorations at this wedding were gorgeous! I love autumn so I really loved the whole theme. They had pumpkins, mums and gourds everywhere!
The front of the wedding invitation I made had a "D"monogram....they carried that over to the carved "punch bowl" clever is that?

The wedding was done is such pretty colors, that I didn't change too many of the photos over to b & w, but I like this done without color.

Well, Becca and Justin are now married and on their way to Mexico. I hope they have as much fun as Becca and I did in Paris together! We laughed and ate crepes and had a wonderful time. I will be heading back to Atlanta on Tuesday (then back to the cabin on Thursday!!!).


jacki jones said...

I love the programs! I need to talk to you about them. I'll be in touch...

Anonymous said...

what a stunning set of decorations!

Shirley said...

Thank you for sharin all of your wondeful photos. She was a gorgeous bride and your programs are lovely too! Great photos.

Shirley said...

Please excuse my typos. I forget to spell check and my typing is too fast for my brain ans sometimes I don't hit the keys. LOLOLOL

Holly Craft said...

No problem, Shirley. Anyone who spends any time on a computer just reads over any typos! I always appreciate your comments!