Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spellbinders Leaves

Someone on Gingerwood (Stamping board) posted that they did not know Spellbinders made leaf die. I have recently completed a project for Spellbinders where I used the leaf die to create different items. I can not share the projects, but here are examples of using the leaves with clear shrink plastic and then coloring with alcohol inks and also, using soda cans to cut out the die and coloring them also with alcohol inks. I started doing these in 2004 and think it is a great way to "recycle"! I have also cut them from styrofoam plates and colored them as well as fun foam so that I could use the image to stamp with.
The projects I did will be on the Spellbinders website eventually.


Prasopchok said...
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Terri said...

These are amazing, and I love the fact that you used tin cans to make them. Thanks for sharing!

Shirley said...

Lovely examples. Thanks for sharing what you did with them to get such wonderful results! Can't wait to see them on the Spellbinders site!