Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack 'o Lantern cookies

My daughter wanted to do treat bags for her Sunday School class, so since I am here in Memphis visiting her, and she works full time.... that translates into "Mama making cookies and treat bags" :-) When she was in high school, we did a lot of bag toppers for spirit club, so I made these bag toppers for sandwich bags. I used rotary cutters from the Martha Stewart line, as I can't stand to use the paper cutter I gave Allison that doesn't cut straight. I really like using the rotary cutters with the ruler (also Martha Stewart).
I came up with these cookies back when Allison was in elementary school. I use a sugar cookie recipe and then do an egg wash that has Wilton Icing Color added to it. I just brush it on with a basting brush. Then I use candy corn to make the faces. I bake the cookies with the candy corn in the cookies and the candy melts and makes wonderful gory faces (I have told you I love halloween). If you try these, make sure you take the cookies up while warm and put on a cooling rack....the candy will harden and want to stick to the cookie sheet if you leave it there. I like it when the candy actually makes a hole in the cookie for the eye. If you are using a smaller cookie cutter, you can cut the candy corn into smaller pieces. 
Baking cookies has been a holiday tradition for me, so the first Christmas Allison was married, I made her this recipe book and box to keep it in. I wanted something special for her to pull out each Christmas and to remember those times. The gingerbread man is made of leather, cut with a Sizzix die in a Wizard. "Recipes" is spelled out with a Spellbinders font (cargo).
I did the recipes in my own handwriting, as some day when I am dead and gone, I hope this will be a special keepsake for Allison to pass down to her children.
I use Wilton Meringue to make royal icing and color it with Wilton Icing Color.
After the royal icing sets up, I wrap each cook individually and then put them in the freezer so Allison can pull them out and put her bags together when she is ready to give them.
Allison doesn't have as many tips and cookie cutters and crafting supplies as I do, but she has plenty to work with to keep me occupied. She enjoys baking cakes & cookies and decorating them. I am happy that she is not afraid to try to do things herself and has become a very good cook.

These cookies are a fun tradition in our family and I hope you enjoyed seeing them.


Anonymous said...

Send me a cookie - they look delicious!!

Anonymous said...

What a treasured memory! I love the book and the cookies look yummy!


Shirley said...

Cute cookies and a really cute log book too!