Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feeding the birds!

I took this photo at the cabin last week. I found that I could sit on the deck and get great shots of the many birds that come to the feeder if I used my telephoto lens. It was great fun and something that I will do again.
Speaking of feeding birds, I put two squirrel proof bird feeders (you don't want to hear my squirrel stories!) out that I bought on clearance at Target. I am wondering if they are bird proof too! Then I decided I wanted a birdbath. We have two of those at the cabin and I noticed how much the birds come to the one in the neighbor's yard. We also have a mother and baby birds living in the cedar siding of our house. I asked the painter if he could close up the hole, and he told me that the birds were in there....I think this is the third spring in a row. Better than the squirrels that lived in the chimney....I did have him close up that hole!
I have not stamped any in a while until today when I did three graduation cards. They aren't spectacular, but if I get a chance, I will post a photo later. I have been busy with yard work and painting the house and having the AC fixed....there is always something, but I guess that is life! It is hard for me to get back into stamping when I have not done it in a while. I hope everyone is enjoying spring!

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Eli said...

I love the bird. What a beautiful site.

It is so awesome that the song birds have returned and spring is finally in gear. Thanks for sharing.