Sunday, April 20, 2008

Minnehaha Falls

This waterfalls is near Lake Rabun. It is a very easy walk. We sat on a rock that serves as a bench and had hoop cheese we bought at Allies Grocery in Lakemont. This is an old timey little grocery store that sells everything from coarse ground grits to nails in many sizes! It felt as if we were sitting in front of an air conditioner with cool air coming down off the falls.
Just driving around Lake Rabun is worth the drive. There are so many beautiful homes and boat houses galore!
When taking photos of a waterfall, I like to open up my shutter for a longer period and create sort of a timed release photo. It gives the water that smooth look as it cascades over the rocks.
It was a tough reentry for me to come from almost a week in the mountains to getting off at my exit, dealing with the traffic and then having to visit Costco and Sams on a Saturday afternoon....almost more than I can take!


Heidi said...

WOW!! Holly, this is Absolutely Breathtaking!! You sure have had some fun these past few days!! Thanks for the tip on taking pictures of waterfalls. You will have to do something with this photo--a card, LO or something!!

Velta said...

Just Beautiful!! I just love this serene and I will bet the sound was awesome!