Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bird feeder/bird bath

Here is a photo of one of my squirrel proof birdfeeders. I commented that I think it is bird proof also! It has a little chain link fence thing around, so only a bird could stick their head (or body) in to get the food. I have not had many birds that I have seen. Quite a bit of seed is gone, but the painter might have spilled it when he moved it from my stamping room window. I thought the birdbath looked good with the new paint job which I am trying to get used to. The white trim looks so bright compared to the cream before. The blue had dulled ALOT so this blue looks bright too. We ripped all the shrubs out in the front and put in knock out and climbing roses there, so hopefully they will like it there. I had had a bradford pear tree here where the pinestraw was and it was split during a hurricane and we are trying to kill the stump, where the pot of flowers is sitting. We bought a new lawnmower that practically took me out for a "drag" when I first used it. Yardwork takes so much time and our backyard needs a lot of attention! I am afraid of the poison ivy back there as it gives me fits! If I could just get it under control, I think I could keep it that way, but then I guess that is true of everything! Have a great day!

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Sharon said...

Very nice and cheery. I think the roses should love it there especially if it gets the afternoon sun.