Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daffodils in the sunlight

Sorry to post photos twice in a row, but I love photography as much as I do papercrafting. I had a great time at the cabin. My friend, Lynn, and I did some baking and made a great stew. We took some of it down to Foxfire, which is on the same road as the cabin is on, and had lunch with Sharon, "the village weaver" and a very nice man named Robert that does tours there. Foxfire began back in the eighties as students were asked to go ask older family members how they lived in a less modern world. The mountain traditions are kept alive there and it is a great place to visit. There are several Foxfirebooks and a magazine that is still produced. The sun came out today and we walked around the lake and a good time was had by all!


Sharon said...

Oh my goodness girl...you are living my dream life. When I retire I am going to see if you can give me a job as your groundskeeper at the cabin...tee hee.

Heidi said...

Holly, I love this picture!! The flowers are so pretty and the sunlight sets it off just right!


Allison said...

i want flowers.