Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wheelbarrow and bunny

Well, I am so glad the computer didn't turn my bunny on it's side! Computers are such a mystery to me. I guess that is why I signed up to take classes on my new Mac laptop. This photo I took recently at Old Town Lilburn, near where I live, reminded me of the Spellbinders wheelbarrow I have been using. Each spring they have an open house and everything is decorated so beautifully. I always take my camera. I finally found my small camera to send with my husband to Jackson Hole. I am about to drive to the airport to drop him off. I was going but became "disinvited" due to new company rules. Oh well...spring at the cabin or winter in Wyoming? I will take the cabin. So, I guess you figured out that I am headed to the cabin again. I hope to work on my Mac and do artwork. It seems that so much of my time is spent on design work for Spellbinders or magazine submissions for Inkadinkado, that I have little artwork that I can "share". I will show some of my artwork I did for Spellbinders when I get back home, or you can go look at the gallery at their website, . Have a great day!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

You are so right, it looks like the spellbinders wheelbarrow.

Have fun with your Mac and hope you have good weather at the cabin.