Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heirloom Productions Lawrenceville Show 2013

 I was able to attend the Heirloom show in Lawrenceville, GA on Saturday. I used to do these shows as a vendor for the Rubber Stamper Magazine for several years in different cities, so I always like to go when it comes here to my town! I arrived about thirty minutes after the 10:00 opening and there was still quite a line. That is a great sign for the business!
 There was a very good crowd and the cash registers seemed to be humming quite nicely! I know I did my part!

 One of my favorite parts of a show (besides the "stuff") is to see a lot of people I know. Dave, below, helps Pat run the shows. We still miss Pat's wife, Eileen, but Pat and Dave do a great job with the Heirloom shows.
 I saw a lot of friends from South Carolina. It was so good to see Karen come to the show after the loss of her dear daughter, Rachel. Getting out with friends is a big lift! I know I felt better going to the show and I hope Karen did also. Hoping everyone got home safely as there was snow falling back in the Greenville area.
 I visited with another dear friend, Yunetta, (below) who I know locally. She had closed on her first house on Wednesday, but was more excited about coming to the show than going to the closing! LOL!
 A couple more local friends are pictured below, Bonnie and Patti from Bonnie's Best Art Tools. Bonnie sells the Genesis Paper Trimmer, the BEST paper trimmer on the market hands down! She has other cool tools and stuff and coils....hmm, I should have bought some coils. Maybe I need to go back today with my Sunday pass!

 Another friend from Savannah, Darlene Clark, was working doing Make and Takes and Demos in Stamp On It! There was such a line at her spot all day that I barely was able to speak to her but it was so good to see her. I was in her fair city last weekend and she gave me some recommendations of things to see and places to go. She purchased Artful Legacy from Christine and Buck who we used to see at the shows, so I am looking forward to seeing what she does with that business once she gets it off the ground.

 One year when I was a vendor, I read the instructions for the vendors that Pat and Eileen gave us. About half way through the instructions, it said, If you are reading these and are the first to come to the table, you can claim a jar of homemade raspberry jam! I told Eileen the next day, I am sure someone claimed the jam yesterday on set up day....she said, No! You are the first! Love those Oregon raspberries....and cherries....I just love Oregon!
These shows are a lot of work for the vendors so I hope they have a great show here in Lawrenceville.
 I also saw a group of ladies that had come down from the Brevard, NC area. They have a stamping group called the Smudge Bunch and they had me come up and teach a couple of classes back in October. It was so good to see Judy (lower right) and her traveling friends. I love teaching the Smudge Bunch....especially playing with Judy and my friend Laura Lipe!
 I saw my traveling buddy, Joyce, as I was standing in line to get in. She had an advanced sale ticket whereas I did not, so she went straight in. I knew where to find her though! The Marcos booth! She was looking for envelopes. I am hoping she saw the WRMemories envelope tool that Greg had in the Marco's booth. My friend, Kathy Markwardt, from SC took me over there to see it and it really is cool. I certainly have plenty of paper that I should be making my own envelopes, so I did order one from Marcos. It seems to be designed very well. I will do a report on it when I get it in my hands.
I stuck around for the 4:00 drawing at the Marcos booth. I have never won anything at it, but there is always hope! I actually won something!!! Of course, I was holding four tickets in my hand, so the chances of winning might be correlated to the number of tickets one is holding! I won three Copic markers. I don't have any idea what colors I don't have so I just picked out three shades of green as I figure I can always use those on greenery.

There were several local friends that I hoped to see that I did not, but I had a great time and hope to be sharing some of the treasures I found here on the blog! I am tempted sometimes to see if some of the vendors need a demo artist or someone to help in the booth, but then I would miss visiting with all my friends!....and the shopping of course!

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Jan Castle said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time...seeing so many friends! I saw the Envelope Maker by We Are Memories at CHA...definitely a must have!!!
Paper Hugs,